The goal and purpose of the Calibre Press Street Survival Seminar is twofold: Keep officers alive and give them the tools to enjoy a successful career in law enforcement. In order to accomplish this mission we need to tackle the realities and complexities of policing today for officers on the street. We are committed to presenting up-to-date information, issues and videos while placing the responsibility for winning right where it belongs – with the individual officer.

Calibre Press for the first time in its 30 year history is owned by a law enforcement officer. Lt. Jim Glennon leads a cadre of Instructors who are some of the most experienced, dynamic and respected in our profession. The Street Survival Seminar will continue presenting classic training points such as the 5%er Mindset and When/Then Thinking while addressing aspects of the profession that are often overlooked. The Seminar topics will include, but not be limited to, the following:
• The Fatal Four (the most common ways officer’s lose their lives)
 Felonious assaults
 Deaths in and around vehicles
 Physical Conditioning (heart attacks)
 Emotional Health (Suicides)
• Understanding Stress and the Survival Instincts
 Evaluation/Processing Stage
 Fight & Flight
 Maladaptive behaviors: Hyper-fight / Freezing
• Roadway Risks and Responsibilities
• Advanced Criminal Patrol Tactics
• Pre-Attack Indicators
• Street Interviews and Reading Deception
• The Proverbial Box: expecting the unexpected
• The 24/7 reality of living life as a police officer
• Confrontational Dynamics

Upcoming Courses

Jan 15-Jan 16, 2015 Street Survival Seminar (Biloxi, MS) Biloxi, MS Register Here
Jan 27-Jan 28, 2015 Street Survival Seminar (San Antonio, TX) San Antonio, TX Register Here
Feb 18-Feb 19, 2015 Street Survival Seminar (Pittsburgh, PA) Pittsburgh, PA Register Here
Feb 24-Feb 25, 2015 Street Survival Seminar (Atlantic City, NJ) Atlantic City, NJ Register Here
Mar 4-Mar 5, 2015 Street Survival Seminar- Private (Frankenmuth, MI) Frankenmuth, MI Private Class
Mar 9-Mar 10, 2015 Street Survival Seminar (Springfield, MO) Springfield, MO Register Here
Mar 26-Mar 27, 2015 Street Survival Seminar (Eugene, OR) Eugene, OR Register Here
Mar 30-Mar 31, 2015 Street Survival Seminar (Boston, MA) Dorchester, MA Register Here
Apr 15-Apr 16, 2015 Street Survival Seminar (Virginia Beach, VA) Virginia Beach, VA Register Here
May 11-May 12, 2015 Street Survival Seminar- Private (Beaumont, TX) Beaumont, TX Private Class
May 13-May 14, 2015 Street Survival Seminar (St. Paul, MN) St. Paul, MN Register Here
May 28-May 29, 2015 Street Survival Seminar (Plano, TX) Plano, TX Register Here
Jun 15-Jun 16, 2015 Street Survival Seminar (Green Bay, WI) Green Bay, WI Register Here
Aug 18-Aug 19, 2015 Street Survival Seminar (Spokane, WA) Airway Heights, WA Register Here
Nov 2-Nov 3, 2015 Street Survival Seminar (Deer Park, TX) Deer Park, TX Register Here
Nov 17-Nov 18, 2015 Street Survival Seminar (Cedar Rapids, IA) Cedar Rapids, IA Register Here