Developing the Ultimate Instructor

Students will learn how to prepare quality curriculum and develop dynamic presentation skills that will captivate their audiences. Focusing on presentation skills, lesson plans, common myths of public speaking, and modern technology, this course will enable the presenter to effectively to enhance their content in order to create the most dynamic and powerful training program.

Arresting Communication: Train the Trainer

Arresting Communication is the complete package when it comes to realistic communication training for those in law enforcement. The premise of the course is that every police officer needs to be educated in what they do 100% of the time on duty- communicate. The course looks at the profession from two perspectives: physical safety and career success. As an Arresting Communication trainer, you will be certified to implement this program for your agency.

The Ultimate FTO

The Ultimate FTO is a two day, evidence based officer safety program focused on human performance improvement. The Ultimate FTO program is not a basic FTO program, but rather a skills enhancement course that will make the “good” FTO a “great”