During their career journey it is important for law enforcement professionals to have key themes and concepts that will help guide them. This presentation addresses a number of those key themes starting with the Warrior Pyramid: a concept that examines core elements necessary for you to perform your job effectively. In addition, you will be introduced to one of life’s most powerful questions; “What’s Important Now?” The W.I.N. philosophy will be explored throughout the day as it relates to The Winning Mind, The Warrior Spirit and creating a Legacy of Excellence.

At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Describe the Four Sides of the Warrior Pyramid
  • Explain the importance of commitment to law enforcement professionals
  • Explain the key characteristics of the Winning Mind
  • Understand how the W.I.N. philosophy applies to you, a law enforcement professional
  • Identify three traits and characteristics of a ‘Warrior’
  • Describe the link between warrior values and the agency’s core values
  • List the three keys for law enforcement professionals

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