This presentation incorporates two main themes:

  1. Dare to Soar
  2. Your Life IS Your Legacy

This powerful presentation will explore the issues around victim thinking that has become pervasive in today’s world and in many law enforcement agencies. Through the use of stories and the analogy of The Ostrich and The Eagle, Brian will explore the causes of this type of debilitating thinking. Brian will also share powerful stories of people who, while faced with incredible obstacles and challenges, still Dared to Soar by choosing to view adversity in their life as an opportunity to learn and grow.

In addition, the concept of a Legacy will be examined as something you build every day rather than something you leave behind after you die. Powerful examples of legacies will be explored throughout to bring the ideas and philosophies to life. This exploration will lead to an understanding of the roles that day-to-day interactions play in your life long journey. Case studies and self-reflection will help to bring these concepts to life on a personal level.

At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Describe three symptoms of Ostrich (Victim) thinking.
  • Explain Life’s Most Powerful Question.
  • Understand the role of commitment in The Pursuit of Personal Excellence.
  • Describe two additional strategies for achieving Eagle (Victor) Thinking.
  • Explain the overarching philosophy of Your Life is Your Legacy.
  • List four roles they live each day.
  • Expound on the concept of Roots and Wings as it relates to creating a legacy.

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