You Quit, They Win

This job has never been easy, but we need good cops more now than ever

By Brian Willis  |   Jun 4, 2015

They are loud, angry, hateful and accusatory.

They throw rocks, bottles, punches and insults.

They protest, riot, loot and burn all in the name of ‘justice’.

They call you pigs, racist, thugs, bullies and murderers.

They accuse you of misapplying the law.

They attack you, resist you, murder you and injure you.

Who are They? They are the violent criminals, the gang members, the haters and the anti-police and the special-interest groups. They have their own agendas.

They get a lot of coverage on the 6 o’clock news. They however, do not represent the majority of the people in your community and in your country. The majority of people in your communities support you, appreciate you, and understand you have a challenging job to do.

If you quit, they win.

If you quit being professional, they win and you lose.

If you quit doing your job, they win and your community loses.

Who are You?
You are a law enforcement professional who has taken an oath of service. You have within you a heart of service. You have the warrior spirit: a spirit of courage, integrity, honor, humility, leadership, strength, professionalism and service.

Think back to the pride you felt when you took the oath and pinned on that badge. Embrace that pride. Hold on to that pride. Keep you head up and be proud of who you are and what you do.

It takes courage to continue to serve and to dare to be great in the face of the anger, the hatred, the accusations, the attacks on your character and the violent physical attacks. Continue to grow that courage.

It is not easy to continue to serve greatly and wear the uniform proudly in these challenging times. If you wanted easy however, you would not have chosen the law enforcement profession.

Now, more that ever, we need you to stay professional and serve proudly. Now, more than ever, we need you to dare to be great.

Remember: You quit. They win.

You remain strong and proud: You win, your community wins, and the profession wins.

Thank You
On behalf of the communities you serve, thank you for your service. Thank you for your dedication. Thank you for your professionalism. Thank you for choosing not to quit.