BODYCAM: Officer Dragged by Van; Van Flipped

Although the chief confirms officers violated policy, officers still on active duty

By Calibre Press  |   Mar 7, 2017


A Brooklyn (Ohio) police officer involved in a February pursuit that began when a suspect dragged an officer with his car did not get approval from a supervisor to ram the fleeing minivan with his cruiser, according to police reports and the department’s chief.

A review of the department’s pursuit policy obtained by says that while officers are not required to notify supervisors that they intend to chase a suspect in their car, they are required to get permission to use tactics such as ramming, caravanning, overtaking and using roadblocks.

Brooklyn Police Chief Scott Mielke, who is overseeing the review of the Feb. 24 chase that ended in Thomas L. LaForce’s arrest, said the officer did not seek permission to ram the minivan at the busy intersection where several other motorists were present.

The two officers involved, whose identities have not been released by Brooklyn police, remain on active duty.

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