VIDEO: Shoot Out with Armed Robbery Suspects

One officer was reportedly struck in the shoulder by a bullet

By Calibre Press  |   Jun 26, 2019

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The New Orleans Police Department released body camera video Tuesday from a shooting outside of a CVS drug store between an NOPD officer and two armed robbery suspects.

The video shows the chaos, loud gunshots and fierceness of the battle. In all, the NOPD provided video from inside the store and from three body cameras worn by officers. It lasts about six minutes.

Here’s a look from the perspective of the officer who got shot – Chad Clark

It happened last Monday on Prytania Street when police got a call about an armed robbery.

Police say two suspects entered the store, tied up a clerk, and took the clerk to the back pharmacy area. They then robbed a pharmacy safe and loaded up a trash bag with pill bottles.

Responding officers say one of the suspects opened fire hitting an officer in the shoulder.

NOPD Chief Ferguson say three officers returned fire injuring both Richard Sansbury, 26, and Alan Parson, 18, the men accused in the case.

Clark, a two-year veteran of the NOPD, fired on the suspects, but was hit in the shoulder by gunfire. Officers Everett Route, a six-year veteran, and Shanda Charles, a three-year veteran, also fired during the incident.

Both men were arrested.


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