VIDEO: Fatal Police Shooting on Anaheim Freeway

The teen had been armed with a replica Beretta, which she had pointed at the officer

By Calibre Press  |   Jul 18, 2019

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Body camera video released Friday by Fullerton police shows that the 17-year-old girl killed in a police shooting on an Anaheim freeway had exited her vehicle and was holding a fake gun, according to police.

Hannah Williams can only briefly be seen outside the gray rental SUV she was in before she’s shot on the eastbound 91 Freeway near Kraemer Boulevard on July 5. Fullerton police say the replica Beretta later found near her body can be seen in her hands, pointed at the officer.

The bodycam’s audio was not activated when the officer opened fire, so it’s unclear exactly when she was shot. The audio cuts in as the officer is radioing, “Shots fired,” while backing around the SUV.

Williams is next seen lying on her back on the freeway. The replica firearm is on the ground a few feet away.

“Show me your (expletive) hands,” the officer shouts before radioing that Williams is down. “Show me your hands.”

He can be heard saying he sees a gun on the ground and orders her to roll onto her stomach with her arms stretched to the side.

As the officer begins handcuffing the teen, Williams can be heard pleading, “Help me please, help me please,” and she tells the officer she can’t breathe.

The Fullerton officer is told via radio that a Los Angeles police officer is on scene, and a man in plainclothes with a badge approaches.

The man picks up the fake gun, then asks Williams where she was hit. As he begins to render aid, he hands the gun to the Fullerton officer and tells him it’s a replica.

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