12 Steps to Being the 5%

By Calibre Press  |   Sep 23, 2019

What is it to be a part of the 5%?

It’s an exceptional officer who is committed to outstanding performance on the job…and in life.

It’s an officer who is motivated, proactive and dedicated to peak performance through a steady regime of training and education.

It’s an officer who constantly pursues professional and personal improvement and proudly stands as a representation of the ideal in law enforcement.

It’s the kind of officer Calibre Press is dedicated to building and supporting.

During our Street Survival Seminar, we distribute wallet-sized laminated cards that have become very popular over the years. Each card contains twelve core commitments you can make to yourself that will help you be in the 5%.

Keep these in mind:

– I will understand stress and control it during critical incidents.

– I will seek out realistic training and remain committed to learning my craft.

– I will learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of others.

– I will know that more officers are killed in and around their vehicles than by gunfire.

– I will wear my seatbelt and body armor at all times.

– I will be well-versed in body language, pre-attack indicators, and deception.

– I will improvise, adapt and overcome adversity.

– I will assume nothing and adhere to the one-plus-one rule.

– I will use appropriate force when necessary.

– I will commit to maintaining balance and emotional health.

– I will keep myself in good physical shape.

– I will survive this career.

If you have attended a Street Survival Seminar and would like additional 5% cards to distribute to fellow officers, they’re available in our store.

Be sure you check our training schedule to find out when the Street Survival Seminar and any of our other popular courses will be conducted near you.


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