Watch “Lockdown Leadership” – a free Webinar from Calibre Press

By Calibre Press  |   Apr 20, 2020

Recently, Calibre Press hosted a widely popular one-hour Webinar titled, “Lockdown Leadership: Evolving Issues That Impact Safety, Morale & Public Confidence.” More than 4,000 officers registered for the program, which featured Calibre Press’s Jim Glennon and a team of three Chiefs of Police who also instruct for Calibre.

The recording is now posted for viewing. Click here to watch.

In this video you’ll our powerhouse team will hit the most pressing issues head-on:

– What do leaders – and officers – need to know in this time of “not knowing”?

– Helping officers navigate the unchartered challenges they’re facing both personally and professionally

– What to do after exposure?  When & how do you isolate?

What should officers be doing while on patrol?

– What calls do you defer for a response?

– How can you keep officers motivated?

What “little things” can assist in maintaining positive morale?

– Balancing protecting the community & officers’ families.

– What steps can police leaders take to “vaccinate” agencies and communities against overwhelming fear, stress & confusion?

How can you improve your ability to make on-the-fly, but solid leadership decisions in rapidly changing atmospheres?

– Are you leveraging community relationships to support strained department resources?

Click here to watch.