Travel Armor Gun Cases: A Product Review

By Dave Grossi  |   Jul 20, 2020

The problem

There’s no doubt this Covid-19 deal has thrown a curve to most everybody, law enforcement included.  It recently reared its ugly head to yours truly, but in a weird kind of way.  The local sheriff’s office down here in Paradise, Florida has been more than gracious to us out-of-town retirees when it comes to our annual HR-218 requals. After my initial HR-218 shoot up in the great northeast, I’ve been able to shoot each year thereafter at the SO’s magnificent indoor range.  The range is open to us “old guys” the last Friday of every month.  But for the last few months, due to the Covid-19 issue, everything was shut down for out-of-state HR-218 shooters.  When it did restart a month ago, the backlog was 3 months long and only retired sheriff’s office deputies were granted slots.  Understandable.  Only so many range officers and only so many shooting lanes.  No room for us out-of-town coppers until early 2021.  That wasn’t going to cut it for moi who likes to travel across state lines with “my lil friend” but I couldn’t risk doing so with an expired LEOSA card.  So after throwing a 2 oz bottle of Purell and a couple extra face masks in my suitcase, I booked a quick flight via Cheapo Air up to NY.

A call to my old buds got me some range time for a fast HR-218 shoot with a day or two extra to visit family and friends.  Of course, my trip necessitated making plans for flying with old Roscoe (G43) and his J-frame buddy securely tucked away in my locked foam padded two-gun case. Granted, it’s seen better days and only has one padlock hole but the interior is still pretty good, the two snap locks still work, and the exterior’s solid.  

A better fix

During a recent trip across town to the Sticky Holster offices to see what my bud Mike Christoff had on his drawing board, he turned me on to a great travel case sold by a Naples company, Travel Armor Cases, LLC, owned by Miles “Rocky” Scofield.  These beauties come in three sizes: a Mag case, a Compact/Single gun unit and the Double 2-gun case. Each is constructed of injection molded ABS plastic, with a memory foam padded interior, and all are listed as being water resistant.  The Compact/Single and two-gun Double cases have two snap locks both with holes for two padlocks or a cable lock. All are extremely light, the Mag case weighing in at .71 lbs.  The Compact/Single weighs a hair over 1 lb, the Double case just over 2 lbs.    

It’s been a while since I purchased my “Oldie but Goodie” travel case and the prices listed for the Travel Armor cases seemed a tad higher than other comparable items advertised at local outfitters or gun stores.  But a side-by-side comparison showed the quality and workmanship of these Travel Armor cases to be heads and tails above the others. The enclosed high quality three-digit case hardened combination cable lock was a nice touch, too.  Upon my initial inspection, I noticed that none of the Travel Armor gun cases have handles.  But when I thought about it more, I realized they’re travel cases…not carry cases. 

I inspected all three cases and was offered the 2-gun Double for my trip up to NY for an evaluation under live travel conditions.  It worked out perfectly for my G43 (with room for all three mags) and my J-frame snubby tucked right in next to my Glock.  I especially liked the double padlock holes and I opted to use two Master locks (each with a separate key).  It’s no secret that some airport baggage employees have multiple keys in the event the temptation gets too strong and wish to acquire a neat firearm.  

All three cases meet TSA regulations for commercial gun travel and all carry a five year warranty.  Travel Armor cases are made in the USA.  If you’re planning on either taking a flight with your firearm or just looking for some outstanding home security, check them out at

Note: If you’re traveling with just one gun, the small Mag case will accommodate most mini guns like the Kel-Tec P3AT, the Ruger LCP or even a G42 tucked securely within.   

I haven’t met “Rocky” Scofield, but we spoke at length on the phone.  He answered any and all questions I had on these items.  I also network frequently with a couple of trainer buddies who, like me, travel with their “tools” and all said good things about him and Travel Armor Cases.  You can now add me to that list. 

Priced at:

$59.95 for the Mag case
$69.95 for the Compact/Single case
$79.95 for the two-gun Double case

TravelArmorCase, LLC
3584 Exchange Avenue
Naples, FL 34104
Owner, Miles “Rocky” Scofield
[email protected]

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Dave Grossi is a retired police lieutenant from upstate NY now residing in southwest FL. He was the Lead Instructor for the Calibre Press, Inc. Street Survival Seminars from 1988 through 2000.