Don’t Be Stalked at Home: More Tips

By Calibre Press  |   Aug 4, 2021

Several readers shared additional thoughts for protecting yourself from being stalked at home following our “10 Ways to Avoid Being Tracked Down at Home” article. Here are a few:

Lt. Michael Modica with the Los Angeles Co. Sheriff’s Department wrote:

After reading the article about the officer ambushed at his home there was one glaring issue.  He drove his radio car home and was in full uniform.

1. Maybe not going to your personal home on-duty would help. 

2.  Try not to live in the same city where you work.  

3. When you are out with civilian friends advise them not to identify you as an officer to strangers (do not let them sell you out).  This goes for places where you may know the local clerk, butcher, etc.  Sometimes if civilians are not told ahead of time, they do not realize they are putting you in danger.  

4. Just like the stickers of the car do not wear cop related tee-shirts.  

Andrea Jacobson with the Alaska State Troopers Financial Crimes Unit shared:

It’s always tragic to hear of an ambush and in my 33-year career, most of which was in a small town, the notion of anonymity is nearly impossible. The best practice is always to treat even your worst customers so that their dignity is intact. I can’t tell you how many times I have arrested people and by the time we get to the jail, they actually say thank you.   

People that ambush officers are out of the norm. I appreciate the common- sense security suggestions but hope we don’t become reclusive from our neighbors and colleagues.  I would also like to point out that the suggestion to have mail or newspapers put in your spouse’s maiden name is rather old-fashioned. My husband has no maiden name. Not all officers are men. (Editor’s note: Point very well taken!)

From Det. Thomas Campbell (Ret.), LAPD:

I would add one more tactic to the list.  When filling out emergency contact information for my children at school, I eventually arrived at a point not to disclose that I was a police officer or police detective for my occupation.  I would usually write self-employed or consultant.  It’s no secret that many leftists who hate the police are employed by school districts.  It’s none of their business what I do for a living.

Florida State Investigator and former Master Deputy Sheriff Rick Lallement with Orange Co. Sheriff’s Office wrote:

In light of the recent killing of the officer in Selma, your article on safety now is paramount.   I spent nearly 30 years in law enforcement. You do not realize the hate of us is there, even at our homes where we assume we are safe.   I had a neighbor at one time who I knew very little about.  Like most cops, we have our select group of friends…cops.  We socialize very little with most of our neighbors other than to wave or say hello. My story would make you wonder what is going on and why our community allow this.   I lived through 2 years of hell worrying about the possibility that a nut case would kill my family to get to me because he was visited by the Joint Terrorism Task Force and blamed the visit on me.   At one time our brothers and sisters could follow the red light, yellow light, green light principle. No more. You need to be on yellow if not red 24/7.   

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