FREE WEBINAR: Top Things Law Enforcement Leaders MUST Do Before & After an Officer Involved Shooting

By Calibre Press  |   Sep 7, 2021

—Provided by Calibre Press & sponsored by Vector Solutions—

Thurs., Sept. 16, 2021

1:00PM – 2:30PM Central

No registration fee


The steps agency leaders take before and immediately after an officer involved shooting can have a huge impact on investigations, civil liability and community relations. Are you and your team FULLY prepared to act quickly and effectively should your department experience an OIS?

In this FREE Webinar, seasoned attorney Scott Wood, who has represented scores of agencies and officers in shootings, will advise you on:

• Immediate first steps LE leaders MUST take following a shooting.

• Building a powerful Crisis Response Team…ahead of time. Who’s in it? Areas of responsibility? Back-up plans?

• Mitigating civil liability by voiding common mistakes that increase it.

• “Hot seating” – Predicting and planning to navigate the inevitable tough questions & complex answers.

• Getting YOUR narrative out early & effectively: What to say and how to say it, how much to say and what NOT to say.

• Releasing incident video: Should you? If so, when and HOW?

• Controlling your “optics”: Small but strategically crucial steps for leveraging press conferences and other public/press appearances.

• Making Social Media work for you, not making things worse.

• Hitting major problems HEAD ON. Learn what works to preempt community eruption if accusations of excessive force, inappropriate and/or criminal officer behavior, racially charged incidents involving officers, etc. surface.

Note: The first 1,000 registrants will have the ability to view this event live. Subsequent registrants will receive free access to a recording of the program.


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