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Officers Respond to Confused 73-Year-Old Woman/Cop Encounter

Sep 07, 2021 in Officer Feedback
By Calibre Press

Our discussion of an encounter between officers and a 73-year-old woman who shoplifted several items from a Walmart that were retrieved by store personnel before she left the store drew heavy feedback. As the woman was walking home an officer tried to unsuccessfully stop her. A very short time after he initially made contact, the officer went hands-on with the woman, who repeatedly tried to pull away from him while repeating her announcement that... Full Article »

FREE WEBINAR: Top Things Law Enforcement Leaders MUST Do Before & After an Officer Involved Shooting

Sep 07, 2021 in Leadership & Legal & Media and Public Relations & Training
By Calibre Press

—Provided by Calibre Press & sponsored by Vector Solutions— Thurs., Sept. 16, 2021 1:00PM – 2:30PM Central No registration fee REGISTER NOW! The steps agency leaders take before and immediately after an officer involved shooting can have a huge impact on investigations, civil liability and community relations. Are you and your team FULLY prepared to act quickly and effectively should your department experience an OIS? ... Full Article »

Taking a Breather: Florida’s 10 Coastal Nicknames

Sep 03, 2021 in Guest Commentary
By Dave Grossi

Editor’s note: Although this is clearly not Dave’s “typical” article it’s a fun distraction from the day-to-day we all face. Taking a mental breather is not only enjoyable, it’s also healthy. With that, enjoy… Most Calibre Press readers know I’m originally from upstate New York. And many have noted that I frequently refer to my new home in southwest Florida as “Paradise.” The Sunshine State with its sun, tropical climate an... Full Article »

VIDEO: A Confused Elderly Woman, a Dislocated Shoulder, and an Over-Zealous Cop. What’s Your Immediate Goal? Your Role in the Moment?

Sep 01, 2021 in Calibre Analysis & Calibre Press Commentary & Deescalation & Instructor Insights & Patrol & Training & Video
By Jim Glennon

A 73-year-old woman with dementia and sensory aphasia walked out of Walmart with approximately $13.88 worth of merchandise she didn’t pay for. Employees stopped the woman and took her and the unconcealed items back into the store. She offered to pay for the merchandise but they refused to take her money and let her go. At some point she pulled down the mask of one of the employees. The store then, apparently due to her behavior, called 911 a... Full Article »

Remove Thin Blue Line Flags from Police Uniforms? Readers Weigh In.

Aug 25, 2021 in Calibre Press Commentary & Guest Commentary
By Calibre Press

Not surprisingly, Jim Glennon’s recent commentary on the Mt. Prospect, IL Village Board vote to remove thin blue line flag patches from their police officers’ uniforms drew spirited response. Those Board members who voted to remove the patches cited a belief that they reflected a symbol of hate perpetuated by actual hate groups who, those Board members claimed, have used the thin bue line flag as a symbol of their warped beliefs…although ac... Full Article »

Purge the Thin Blue Line, No Matter the Truth or Consequences

Aug 15, 2021 in Calibre Press Commentary
By Jim Glennon

Mount Prospect is a suburb of Chicago. Their Village Board recently voted 4-3 to remove the "thin blue line" patch from its police officers' uniforms. In my opinion that decision was—to say the very least—a misguided, political correctness- motivated, cowardly act on the part of those four individuals. The argument over the past two years has been centered on the idea that the symbol has been “hijacked” or “co-opted” by hate gro... Full Article »

Where Do You Carry Your O.C.? Cops Weigh In…

Aug 11, 2021 in Defensive Tactics & Guest Commentary & Instructor Insights & Officer Feedback & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Tips & Training & Weapons & Tactical Gear
By Calibre Press

In last week’s newsletter we shared a question from an officer looking for insights into the pros and cons of carrying O.C. on either the strong side or the reaction side. After posting a response from a former Calibre Press instructor, we tossed the question out to our readers. Response was heavy. Here’s a sample of some of what we heard. Thanks for all the excellent feedback! Chief Phil Bostian with the Park City (KS) PD wrote: I h... Full Article »

O.C. on the Strong or Weak Side: What Do YOU Think?

Aug 04, 2021 in Defensive Tactics & Instructor Insights & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Tips & Weapons & Tactical Gear
By Calibre Press

Calibre Press received the following question we thought we would share for discussion: An officer wrote: “There is a mixed opinion on my department on which hand O.C. should be used with. Many say it should be worn on the strong hand side and used by the strong hand to keep fine motor skills. In contract, other officers say it should be worn on the weak side and used with the weak hand because of the long-standing rule, ‘never put anyt... Full Article »

Don’t Be Stalked at Home: More Tips

Aug 04, 2021 in Defensive Tactics & Education & Instructor Insights & Officer Feedback & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Tips & Training
By Calibre Press

Several readers shared additional thoughts for protecting yourself from being stalked at home following our “10 Ways to Avoid Being Tracked Down at Home” article. Here are a few: Lt. Michael Modica with the Los Angeles Co. Sheriff’s Department wrote: After reading the article about the officer ambushed at his home there was one glaring issue.  He drove his radio car home and was in full uniform. 1. Maybe not going to your pers... Full Article »

AL Officer Murdered in Ambush. Here Are 10 Ways to Avoid Being Tracked Down at Home

Jul 28, 2021 in Instructor Insights & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Tips & Training
By Calibre Press

Very early yesterday morning, Selma, AL Police Officer Marquis Moorer was shot and killed in an ambush at the apartment complex where he lived. The attack was launched while he was on duty and stopping home to grab something to eat. An unnamed woman, believed to be Officer Moorer’s wife or girlfriend, was shot and injured in the assault. At the time of this writing, police are searching for the gunman who killed Officer Moorer, who Dallas Count... Full Article »

Columnist Commentary: Educate & Vaccinate

Jul 27, 2021 in Guest Commentary
By David Magnusson

In my last article, I seemed to have struck a chord—or a nerve depending on your perspective— regarding increasing violence throughout this nation and the possible reason that is the case.  In this article I am going to deal with another intensifying issue and convey a plea to all law enforcement professionals.  I’m guessing I will probably get almost as much feedback, some likely mixed with wrath, on this one as I did with my pre... Full Article »

VIDEO: Courageous Cops Face 80+ Shot Firestorm

Jul 20, 2021 in Calibre Analysis & Calibre Press Commentary & Instructor Insights & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Training & Video
By Jim Glennon

It’s impossible to watch the attached video and not be impacted on many levels. The violence. The open warfare. The disregard for the sanctity of human life. The indifference to the law itself in a “civilized” society. But you know what else strikes me about this incident, played out in this day and age where much of the mainstream media, too many politicians and certainly agenda-driven activist groups demonize the police as violent r... Full Article »

What Makes Tactical Dynamic Entries “Dynamic”?

Jul 14, 2021 in Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Training
By Sgt. Robin Kipling

"Of everything, first ask what it is in itself."  -- Marcus Aurelius, from Meditations. There has been a lot of discussion around the tactical water coolers and in publications centered on the future of the “tactical dynamic entry.” How long will officers continue to blast into rooms, risking exposure to potential awaiting gunfire, and risk lives for the purpose of preventing the destruction of evidence, people question. This ha... Full Article »

Grossi Product Review: Concealed Carry Optics Ready Holsters for Red Dot Sight Guns

Jul 13, 2021 in Weapons & Tactical Gear
By Dave Grossi

Red dot sights on pistols have been around for years, mostly in the competition world.  However, in the last five years or so pistol mounted Red Dot Sighting (RDS) systems for street duty have come into their own.  In fact, a quick peek into the duty holsters of a few street cops might find a Trijicon RMR, a Leopold DeltaPoint Pro, or a Holosun 507 inside. In fact, the last few years have seen Red Dot Optics get smaller, slimmer, bright... Full Article »

Time, Pressure & the Impact on Greatness

Jul 06, 2021 in Education & Media and Public Relations & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol
By Carlos D. Gonzalez & Brian N. O’Donnell

A few years ago, two NBA teams competed in one of the most exciting basketball games many have had the opportunity to watch. This game had everything a basketball fan could ask for…lead changes, amazing athleticism and incredible highlights. But none of those things are the basis of this article. Instead, the focus is on a specific play - a moment in the game where time and pressure made one of the greatest athletes on the planet question his a... Full Article »

VIDEO: Officer Shot Point Blank. Child Choked. Suspect Killed.

Jun 29, 2021 in Calibre Analysis & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol
By Jim Glennon

In 2004 while I was a lieutenant with 25 years on, I backed up two of my patrol officers on a shoplifting call. A man grabbed a bottle of vodka off the shelf of a liquor store and walked past a store employee who informed him that he would have to stop and pay for the alcohol. He didn’t. The employee followed the man, took down his license plate number and called the police. A rookie cop named Joe got the call. He ran the plate and found tha... Full Article »

VIDEO: Suspect With a 12″ Butcher Knife Shot By FL Officer

Jun 21, 2021 in Calibre Analysis & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Video
By Scott Buhrmaster

"...he claims he's gonna go rob sombody and stick 'em!" The Jacksonville, FL Sheriff’s Office has released body camera footage of the 2020 shooting of 39-year-old John Ridder after he threatened an officer with a large butcher knife. There are a number of opportunities for learning and discussion offered by this incident so we’re taking a look. The situation began when a man called 911 to report that Ridder, who the caller believed had ... Full Article »

Now’s Your Chance: Reflections on Father’s Day

Jun 17, 2021 in Tributes
By Calibre Press

[Editor’s note: It’s become an annual tradition to run this piece by Jim Glennon in honor of Father’s Day. We send our respect and thanks to every father, grandfather, and anyone who plays the role of a father, as well as every parent, relative, friend and person who lends guidance and support to kids everywhere.] I’m a third-generation cop. My dad was a Chicago cop, and his dad was a Chicago cop. Never knew my grandpa. He died when... Full Article »

VIDEO: It All Happened So Fast! 2 Cops & a Suspect Shot in the Blink of an Eye

Jun 14, 2021 in Calibre Analysis & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Training & Video
By Jim Glennon

We repeatedly talk about speed as a key element to consider when discussing, evaluating and training for force encounters; how quickly someone can pivot to face or flee from an officer, how fast a suspect can close in on an officer after deciding to attack, the time it takes for an officer to perceive and react to a threat, how quickly a suspect can fire a gun. The impact of talking about it, though, pales in comparison to actually seeing dead... Full Article »

Vehicle Anti-Ambush Specifics

Jun 03, 2021 in Defensive Tactics & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol
By Det. Sgt. Jeff Johnsgaard

In our last article, we discussed the 360° CQD shooting method which works extremely well in close quarters and is the only one we are aware of that offers Two-handed aimed fire in 360 degrees from inside a vehicle. 360° CQD (close-quarter-defense) requires a couple of modifications to the support side hand and arm from the Isosceles/Weaver positions to perform it optimally. This article will be the first of a short series offered to thos... Full Article »