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Taking a Breather: Florida’s 10 Coastal Nicknames

Sep 03, 2021 in Guest Commentary
By: Dave Grossi

Editor’s note: Although this is clearly not Dave’s “typical” article it’s a fun distraction from the day-to-day we all face. Taking a mental breather is not only enjoyable, it’s also healthy. With that, enjoy… Most Calibre Press readers know I’m originally from upstate New York. And many have noted that I frequently refer to my new home in southwest Florida as “Paradise.” The Sunshine State with its sun, tropical climate an... Full Article »

Grossi Product Review: Concealed Carry Optics Ready Holsters for Red Dot Sight Guns

Jul 13, 2021 in Weapons & Tactical Gear
By: Dave Grossi

Red dot sights on pistols have been around for years, mostly in the competition world.  However, in the last five years or so pistol mounted Red Dot Sighting (RDS) systems for street duty have come into their own.  In fact, a quick peek into the duty holsters of a few street cops might find a Trijicon RMR, a Leopold DeltaPoint Pro, or a Holosun 507 inside. In fact, the last few years have seen Red Dot Optics get smaller, slimmer, bright... Full Article »

Absolute Justus: A book review by Dave Grossi

Dec 21, 2020 in Guest Commentary
By: Dave Grossi

A lot of folks know the name Ron Martinelli.  Ron is a retired California police detective and owner-operator of Martinelli & Associates, a law enforcement consulting firm based out of Boerne, Texas.  However, his name might soon become known more as a renowned novelist rather than as a police expert. Absolute Justus is Ron’s first foray into the world of fiction writing. And with Absolute Justus Martinelli has hit a home run.&... Full Article »

Agencies and Unions: Support Your Retirees. Their Past is Your Future

Oct 23, 2020 in Guest Commentary & Law Enforcement Today
By: Dave Grossi

I've been out of operational law enforcement for over two decades.  But because my 6 years in the military and my 20+ years as a cop were so significant to me, I stayed in touch with several of my fellow ‘Nam vets as well as a few of my cop buds. Late last year I went up to NY to attend a police function sponsored by our PBA.  Historically, this banquet was always held to honor our retirees as well as thanking a host of local civil... Full Article »

New Sticky Holsters: A Product Review by Dave Grossi

Oct 19, 2020 in Guest Commentary & Weapons & Tactical Gear
By: Dave Grossi

Most readers know I’m a big fan of Sticky Holsters, Inc.’s family of firearms-related products.  Owner Mike Christoff cut his cop bones for 15 years with the Dearborn, Michigan PD before finding the warmth of Southwest Florida where he spent another dozen years with the Marco Island, Florida PD.  I’ve written about his line of items for several years, mostly focused around the original Sticky Holsters.  For those unfamiliar w... Full Article »

CKT Ripcord Speedloaders – A product review by Dave Grossi

Sep 04, 2020 in Guest Commentary & Weapons & Tactical Gear
By: Dave Grossi

I’m one of the old guys.  And being an old guy, I carried a wheel gun for 19 of my 20+ years on the job.  Ergo, I’m very familiar with speedloaders.  In fact, I’ve won a few guns in revolver competitions in NY and Canada using speedloaders.  So, when Mike Christoff at Sticky Holsters, Inc. turned me on to these new speedloaders from CK Tactical, I knew I had to get my hands on them.      Time and s... Full Article »

Metal Defense: A Product Review by Dave Grossi

Aug 13, 2020 in Guest Commentary & Weapons & Tactical Gear
By: Dave Grossi

As a police trainer, I get a lot of requests for law enforcement product evaluations.  Most, probably about 85%-90%, find their way into my circular file under my desk with the items sent back.  The remaining 10%-15% are really good quality items with relevance to and for today’s street cops.  So along those lines, here’s one I found really interesting. I own quite a few guns.  I do a lot of firearms training and most o... Full Article »

Travel Armor Gun Cases: A Product Review

Jul 20, 2020 in Guest Commentary & Weapons & Tactical Gear
By: Dave Grossi

The problem There’s no doubt this Covid-19 deal has thrown a curve to most everybody, law enforcement included.  It recently reared its ugly head to yours truly, but in a weird kind of way.  The local sheriff’s office down here in Paradise, Florida has been more than gracious to us out-of-town retirees when it comes to our annual HR-218 requals. After my initial HR-218 shoot up in the great northeast, I’ve been able to shoot ea... Full Article »

Is Your “Uniform” Putting You at Risk?

Nov 06, 2019 in Law Enforcement Today & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol
By: Dave Grossi

No doubt this piece is going to tick off a few cops.  I’ve noticed a trend over the past few years for officers to “dress down” while on duty. I’m not talking about a few cops going rogue, but a formal policy of abandoning traditional police monochromatic uniforms for polo-type shirts, tan tactical pants and sneaker-type footwear as on-duty street uniforms. I recently traveled up to the great northeast to attend a formal evening polic... Full Article »

The Sequel: TV Cop Trivia, Past & Present

Aug 14, 2019 in Law Enforcement Today
By: Dave Grossi

The feedback received from our readers on the two-part TV Cop Trivia piece that ran in May-June was quite positive. So, the folks at Calibre Press asked if I’d do a follow-up. Here is The Sequel. Again, go from memory. NOTE: The answers are now posted below in blue. 1. In the TV show, “Walker, Texas Ranger,” Chuck Norris plays Texas Ranger Cordell Walker. What is his TV rank? Cordell Walker is a Sergeant with the Texas Rangers, a divi... Full Article »

TV Cop Trivia: Past & Present, Part 2

May 31, 2019 in Law Enforcement Today
By: Dave Grossi

Without further ado, folks, here are the answers! To see the original trivia article with the questions, click here.  #1. Columbo’s first name was never revealed during the show’s run. However, when he displayed his police ID in one scene (“Dead Weight” Season 1, Episode 3) that aired in 1971 his signature briefly appeared on the ID card: Frank Columbo.    #2. Both the official SFPD and TV rank for the plainclothes officers was Ins... Full Article »

TV Cop Trivia: Past and Present, Part 1

May 22, 2019 in Law Enforcement Today & Patrol
By: Dave Grossi

A while back I authored a piece comparing the fictionalized T.V. California cop T.J. Hooker and the real-life Vegas officer R.C. Hindi . I received quite a bit of feedback from our readers.  So I decided to put together another piece with some trivia about TV cops. The answers will appear in a few days in a follow up piece. Take the test from memory. See how you do. The Quiz 1. What was the first name of the LAPD cop popularized by actor Peter... Full Article »

Passenger-Side Approaches

Jan 17, 2019 in Law Enforcement Today & Training
By: Dave Grossi

[Editor's note: In a previous version of this article we indicated CHP Officer Kirk Griess was killed while standing outside of his passenger door. In fact, Officer Griess was assigned to motorcycle patrol when he was struck and killed by an allegedly distracted and speeding driver. We sincerely regret the error.] Dateline: Columbus County, N.C. Trooper Kevin Conner was gunned down on October 17, 2018 by a 20-year-old suspect driving a stolen... Full Article »

A December to Remember

Dec 11, 2018 in Law Enforcement Today
By: Dave Grossi

Based on the response received from our Calibre readers my recent column “September: A Month to Remember” article, I decided to plop my butt down, do a little research, and author a piece for December. Here, in chronological order by year, are a few interesting factoids regarding our profession during the month of December.  Unfortunately, this piece, unlike the September article, doesn’t have a whole lot of positives. That wasn... Full Article »

The Manhattan Boatlift

Nov 14, 2018 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Training & Video
By: Dave Grossi

There’s been a ton of stories written about 9/11. Most deal with the extraordinary heroics of our police, fire, and EMS personnel during and after the attack. Most are compelling and bring credit to each occupation. However, recently I came across a video of incredible heroics performed by a group individuals most would not associate with any of the three professions mentioned above. Yet collectively they were responsible for rescuing almost ha... Full Article »

The Baraka Hull Case

Nov 05, 2018 in Law Enforcement Today & Officer Safety & Survival & Training
By: Dave Grossi

Nineteen years ago this month, I testified in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in San Francisco in the matter of Hull vs. City of Oakland, Calif. I was reflecting on the circumstances of the case recently and thought perhaps the details of the shooting, the six years of uncertainty for the officer, and the jury verdict might make for an interesting read.  Following are the details. Facts On July 30, 1993, a rookie O... Full Article »

September: A Month to Remember

Sep 10, 2018 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership
By: Dave Grossi

September is a very significant month for law enforcement. Of course, we’ll always remember September 11, 2001, more commonly referred as simply “9/11,” the date when our country was attacked. For those of us in the profession, it also bears significance in that 114 of our LE brothers and sisters lost their lives either on 9/11/01 or from complications from the aftermath of the rescue and recovery efforts thereafter. That’s right … 11... Full Article »

Inspirational Police Quotes

Aug 24, 2018 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Training
By: Dave Grossi

[Author’s Note: I give a lot of speeches. Some are at military affairs. Most are at police functions such as academy graduations, Peace Officer Memorial Day, and so forth. I always like to pepper my speeches with a few relevant quotes. From time to time, I’m asked by other LEOs for permission to use them. I always agree to because, really, they’re not mine. My lovely wife suggested that I put a few down in print to share with our CalibrePre... Full Article »

OK, But Not the Attic …

Aug 13, 2018 in Law Enforcement Today
By: Dave Grossi

[Author’s Note: Most of our readers know that I spent a considerable amount of time working undercover narcotics.  While at a family gathering, I was reflecting on some of the more humorous moments during those years. After a few prompts from family and friends, I decided to regale the small group with some of the more hilarious, albeit G-rated, anecdotes. –D.G.] Dopers are not the brightest of criminals. I mean, they’re not sophistic... Full Article »

Disarmings: The Reality

Aug 06, 2018 in Fitness & Health & Law Enforcement Today & Officer Safety & Survival & Training
By: Dave Grossi

My wife and I just returned from a police funeral. Fort Myers, Fla., Police Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller was shot on July 21 after responding to a call at local service station of a stolen cell phone. He pursued the suspect on foot and during the apprehension attempt, was knocked to the ground, allegedly disarmed, and shot in the head with his service pistol. He survived for a week on life support. His End of Watch was July 28, 2018.  His funera... Full Article »