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Calibre Analysis: Raleigh, NC

Analysis by Lt. Jim Glennon

After 26-year-old Javier Torres brandishes a gun in a restaurant and steals a pizza, Raleigh, NC police are called. When units respond, Torres takes off and officers pursue, on foot and in vehicles. As he turns a corner, he’s confronted by an officer who orders him to stop, then shoots him. The entire incident is caught on body cam and dash cam recordings. Although an officer can be heard warning others that Torres has a gun, none of the recordings appear to show one. A gun is, however, recovered at the scene.

In this Calibre Analysis, Jim Glennon explores both the details of the shooting and the tangential issues related to it, including the strengths, weaknesses & differences between the human eye and digital recordings. Jim also talks about the near-immediate explosion of public misinformation and protest that follows the shooting, including claims that the officer shot a “teenager” in the back for stealing pizza.