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Autism and policing

Communicating with Autism: A Law Enforcement Approach

Oct 26, 2020 in Autism and policing & Education & Law Enforcement Today & Tips & Training
By Sgt. Stefan Bjes

[Editor's note: Be sure to check out the new Calibre Press course, "Successfully Interacting With People With Autism"] Imagine you are looking for a missing child and after a lengthy search you locate them.  As you approach the child you learn that they are unable to communicate due to an Autism diagnosis. Are you prepared to handle a situation like this…to communicate with a person who may be nonverbal? An event similar to this jus... Full Article »

What Cops Need to Know About Autism

Sep 08, 2020 in Autism and policing & Education & Training
By Sgt. Stefan Bjes

 9 Characteristics & Tips for Contact Editor's note: Given increasing focus on law enforcement's interaction with people with Autism we're reprinting this article from an earlier Calibre posting. When I began my law enforcement career I had never heard of Autism. As new recruits, we never received any training regarding the condition or how to safely interact with individuals who have it. In the last two decades, Autism diagnosis have... Full Article »

Autism & Wandering: What Cops Need to Know

Apr 17, 2020 in Autism and policing
By Sgt. Stefan Bjes

Recent stats from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) show that autism rates in children grew 10% from 2016 to 2018, currently standing at 1/54 children. A unique and challenging characteristic of autism is wandering, commonly known as “fleeing,” “bolting” or “eloping” events -- similar to what are known as “wandering events” in the Alzheimer’s community. For reasons not entirely known, roughly half of children with autism wi... Full Article »

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