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Don’t Be Stalked at Home: More Tips

Aug 04, 2021 in Defensive Tactics & Education & Instructor Insights & Officer Feedback & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Tips & Training
By Calibre Press

Several readers shared additional thoughts for protecting yourself from being stalked at home following our “10 Ways to Avoid Being Tracked Down at Home” article. Here are a few: Lt. Michael Modica with the Los Angeles Co. Sheriff’s Department wrote: After reading the article about the officer ambushed at his home there was one glaring issue.  He drove his radio car home and was in full uniform. 1. Maybe not going to your pers... Full Article »

Time, Pressure & the Impact on Greatness

Jul 06, 2021 in Education & Media and Public Relations & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol
By Carlos D. Gonzalez & Brian N. O’Donnell

A few years ago, two NBA teams competed in one of the most exciting basketball games many have had the opportunity to watch. This game had everything a basketball fan could ask for…lead changes, amazing athleticism and incredible highlights. But none of those things are the basis of this article. Instead, the focus is on a specific play - a moment in the game where time and pressure made one of the greatest athletes on the planet question his a... Full Article »

Opinions without foundation

Apr 27, 2021 in Education & Instructor Insights & Law Enforcement Today
By Jamie Borden

The profession of law enforcement is facing unprecedented negative scrutiny. From my perspective as a retired officer and professional in the analysis of police-involved critical incidents, the most prominent issue is the propagation of opinions without foundation.  We have all read posted opinions regarding the actions of officers who are in the spotlight based on the outcome of events that have captured the media’s attention.  These... Full Article »

VIDEO: It’s a Matter of Time

Apr 21, 2021 in Calibre Analysis & Education & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Training & Video
By Calibre Press

Of all the elements involved in force investigations, time is one of the most critical to understand and knowledgeably apply when judging an officers’ decisions and actions. It takes time to observe. It takes time to assess. It takes time to decide. It takes time to act. It takes time to react. It takes time to stopacting. Everything takes time and in pressurized, rapidly evolving force events, that time is often measured in milliseconds not mi... Full Article »

How Can You Mistake a Gun for a Taser?

Apr 19, 2021 in Calibre Analysis & Education & Officer Safety & Survival
By Calibre Press

Recent events in Minnesota have driven many to question how it could at all be possible to mistake a gun for a Taser and to discharge that firearm while believing you are discharging a CED instead? In the following 10-minute video, Dr. Richard Hough, a highly experienced use of force expert from the University of West Florida, explains the human factors issues and scientific research that play a role in understanding how that can occur.  Her... Full Article »

5 Smart Money Moves for Cops

Feb 02, 2021 in Education
By Calibre Press

Cops have enough to stress about. We certainly don’t need to list examples, but if money is one of them—and if you’re like most, it probably is—a new Calibre course, Financial Planning for Law Enforcement, is here to help. The program, which premiered two weeks ago, was created and is instructed by Tim Glennon, an experienced financial planner and investment advisor representative who designed the class with the nuances of police work ... Full Article »

Are You Headed for Burnout?

Jan 27, 2021 in Education & Wellness, Fitness and Health
By Calibre Press

Some years ago, a non-profit group called My Officer Needs Assistance published a “Job Stress/Burnout Questionnaire” designed to help guide officers to an understanding of their level of stress, the impact it may be having on your life and your potential for experiencing pending—or existing—issues related to burnout. Their potentially life-saving mission is obviously just as important today as it was then. Here are the questions that w... Full Article »

What happened?

Dec 03, 2020 in Education & Interview and Interrogation & Investigations
By Sgt. Jamie Borden (ret.)

As an experienced investigator, a national investigations trainer and an expert witness I have been directly involved in or evaluated scores of use-of-force investigations. Not surprisingly, a dominant mantra I consistently notice investigators repeating is, “What happened?” That’s a critical question, of course, but if it becomes the core question, we’re putting investigations, officers’ careers and lives – and the facts – at risk.... Full Article »

Communicating with Autism: A Law Enforcement Approach

Oct 26, 2020 in Autism and policing & Education & Law Enforcement Today & Tips & Training
By Sgt. Stefan Bjes

[Editor's note: Be sure to check out the new Calibre Press course, "Successfully Interacting With People With Autism"] Imagine you are looking for a missing child and after a lengthy search you locate them.  As you approach the child you learn that they are unable to communicate due to an Autism diagnosis. Are you prepared to handle a situation like this…to communicate with a person who may be nonverbal? An event similar to this jus... Full Article »

CalibrePLUS Online Training Division

Oct 15, 2020 in Education & Training
By CalibrePLUS

Calibre Press has launched a new online training division, CalibrePLUS Our courses are delivered online, via Webex© which allows for an interactive experience between instructor and participants. Want access to one of these programs for your entire agency? AGENCY RENTAL PROGRAM! GET REQUIRED TRAINING ON YOUR SCHEDULE! Calibre is now offering the opportunity for agencies to rent a professional recording of our 3, 6 and 8 hour courses.  Each ... Full Article »

NEW STUDY: Muzzle position can have major impact on your shooting decisions

in Defensive Tactics & Education & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & The Calibre Report & Tips & Training
By Charles Remsberg

You confront a suspect you’ve been told may be armed. No weapon is visible, but his hands are hidden in his pockets. You have no cover, no concealment. If he suddenly whips a hand out, he may be gripping a gun…a benign object…or nothing at all. How you react to that pressurized uncertainty —and whether your split-second decision proves to be righteous or a tragic misjudgment—may depend on how you’ve positioned your own firearm in a... Full Article »

Child Advocacy Centers Lessen the Chances of Further Traumatizing Children.

Sep 21, 2020 in Education & Interview and Interrogation & Investigations & Tips & Training
By Lt. Eric Salemi

It was 1996 and I was a young investigator working a child sexual abuse case. Once again, I found myself in a room in a social worker’s office with a Child Protective Services investigator talking with a frightened five-year-old little girl. This time the “conversation” was about what her mom’s ex-boyfriend had done to her. I had no children at the time and was armed with training from an Interview and Interrogations class, Interviewing V... Full Article »

What Cops Need to Know About Autism

Sep 08, 2020 in Autism and policing & Education & Training
By Sgt. Stefan Bjes

 9 Characteristics & Tips for Contact Editor's note: Given increasing focus on law enforcement's interaction with people with Autism we're reprinting this article from an earlier Calibre posting. When I began my law enforcement career I had never heard of Autism. As new recruits, we never received any training regarding the condition or how to safely interact with individuals who have it. In the last two decades, Autism diagnosis have... Full Article »

Screaming Their Last Breath: Why First Responders Must Never Ignore the Words “I Can’t Breathe”

Jun 02, 2020 in Education & Legal & Patrol & Tips
By Steve Cole, NRP, FTO

Editor's note: Calibre Press first published this article in 2015. In light of current events, we felt it was important to share this information, which is consistent with our training, again. Every officer has heard “I can’t breathe!” yelled at the top of a subject’s lungs, usually as they are being handcuffed and detained after a vigorous struggle. I certainly know that I, as a paramedic responding to those calls to “check the subj... Full Article »

New Study: Expert vs. Novice Use-Of-Force Decision-Making

in Education & Law Enforcement Today & Officer Safety & Survival & The Calibre Report
By Charles Remsberg

New research has revealed specific differences in how “expert” officers think compared to novices in dealing with contentious confrontations—and these findings may help trainers more rapidly educate recruits to make better use-of-force decisions. The research—limited but revealing—was led by Dr. Laura Mangels, a sociologist at the University of California-Berkeley. Her team found that experienced cops were far better at identifying ... Full Article »

“…serious and violent offenses will still be fully enforced.”

Apr 01, 2020 in Education & Law Enforcement Today & Officer Safety & Survival
By Calibre Press

Advice from the IACP on Policing in the Pandemic In a recently released document, COVID-19: Alternative Methods for Delivering Essential Law Enforcement Services, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) shared timely advice for navigating the tricky balance between public safety and public health. “In light of the public health risk that Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) presents and the pressing need for law enforcement ... Full Article »

Law Enforcement: The Original Social Distancers

Mar 20, 2020 in Education & Law Enforcement Today
By Richard Hough

Some public servants are uniquely positioned to understand the immediate risk of bad things. Soldiers deployed to active zones, firefighters entering burning structures, corrections officers on the block, and yes, law enforcement officers on so many of their calls for service. These professionals increase their margin of safety through training, the proper use of proper equipment, and by surrounding themselves with a tactically sound team they... Full Article »

DAILY! Conversations with Calibre Podcast

in Education & Law Enforcement Today & Officer Safety & Survival & Podcast & Tips & Training
By Calibre Press

Editor's Note:  Although the current health situation has impacted officers' ability to access training, for the time being, our dedication to keeping you trained and informed has not diminished. Starting today we will begin posting daily training Podcasts for all officers to listen to. Stay safe, stay healthy and know that we're here for you. Conversations with Calibre: Road Safety March 20th, 202o https://youtu.b... Full Article »

“Hahaha! Not one officer in this department would recommend anyone work for us!”

Feb 28, 2020 in Education & Law Enforcement Today & Officer Safety & Survival & Training
By Jim Glennon

Calibre Press conducts a seminar all around the country titled, Recruiting & Retaining the Next Generation. The course is exactly what it sounds like, though we talk about all generations, as well as the evolution of the profession. We also discuss the multitude of current problems that have resulted in low numbers of recruits (especially women and persons of color) and early retirements. The two-day class is conducted by a team of instruc... Full Article »

“Hate Me For The Right Reasons”

Feb 21, 2020 in Education & Law Enforcement Today & Training
By Art Carlos

I’ve been practicing, studying, and teaching some type of combat discipline for the last 40 years. For 30 of those years, I’ve been continuously involved in martial arts. I’m fortunate enough to have had some phenomenal martial arts teachers over the years, and I’d like to share one of the more abstract lessons I learned from one of them. The teaching moment came after a particularly hard physical training class about 20 years ago. I w... Full Article »

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