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FREE WEBINAR: Top Things Law Enforcement Leaders MUST Do Before & After an Officer Involved Shooting

Sep 07, 2021 in Leadership & Legal & Media and Public Relations & Training
By Calibre Press

—Provided by Calibre Press & sponsored by Vector Solutions— Thurs., Sept. 16, 2021 1:00PM – 2:30PM Central No registration fee REGISTER NOW! The steps agency leaders take before and immediately after an officer involved shooting can have a huge impact on investigations, civil liability and community relations. Are you and your team FULLY prepared to act quickly and effectively should your department experience an OIS? ... Full Article »

More Tips To Improve Your Effectiveness as a Witness

Jan 18, 2021 in Legal & Tips & Training
By Calibre Press

In the first installment of this special series, we shared four tips from a former state and federal prosecutor for improving your effectiveness in court when called as a witness: 1. Speak clearly and plainly. 2. Describe rather than conclude. 3. When being questioned, look at the examiner. When answering, look at the jury. 4. Don’t hesitate to have a question rephrased or clarified. Here are five more to conclude the series: ... Full Article »

Tips From a Prosecutor on Being an Effective Witness

Jan 06, 2021 in Legal & Tips
By Calibre Press

In this first installment of a two-part series, we’ll share tips from a former state and federal prosecutor for improving your effectiveness in court when called as a witness. Here are the first four of her nine tips: 1. Speak clearly and plainly. For some reason, many officers have a tendency to begin talking like they never do in real life when they take the stand. Phraseology suddenly becomes rigid, overly formal, legalistic and often ... Full Article »

Peace Officer’s Duty to Intercede: Common Sense or Muddy Waters?

Dec 28, 2020 in Calibre Press Commentary & Leadership & Legal
By David Blake, Ph.D.

Absent general professional policing standards and the existence of common sense, the duty of a peace officer to intercede in a peer's unreasonable use of physical force has existed in some police policies for many years. However, the in-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has once again ignited a fervor within the police reform movement (i.e., 8Can’tWait) prompting changes in police policy and new legislative proposals. This narrativ... Full Article »

The Myth of Mechanical Application When Dealing with the Irrational

Dec 16, 2020 in Calibre Analysis & Legal & Patrol & Video
By Jim Glennon

"…the test of reasonableness under the Fourth Amendment is not capable of precise definition or mechanical application." 100% of the people who give their opinions about an officer’s decision-making process and subsequent conduct during an interaction with a citizen captured on video, are giving those opinions in the aftermath. While viewing said video they are experiencing zero stress. As they sit sipping their extra-large Cinnamon Roll F... Full Article »

Been Served With a Civil Suit? 10 Pieces of Advice From an Attorney

Oct 21, 2020 in Legal & Tips
By Calibre Press

Seasoned Attorney Lance LoRusso serves as General Counsel to the Georgia State Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police. He has represented more than 80 officers involved with on-duty shootings or in-custody deaths and has lectured on deadly force and other topics to law enforcement officers nationwide. He is also the author of as excellent book, When Cops Kill: The Aftermath of a Critical Incident (profits from which benefit law enforcement cha... Full Article »

Sometimes Court IS a Laughing Matter

Oct 09, 2020 in Legal
By Calibre Press

It’s always good to lighten things up every once in a while…particularly nowadays. These quotes, taken from records of actual court proceedings and included in a book titled, Disorder in the American Courts, should help. Attorney: What was the first thing your husband said to you that morning? Witness: He said, “Where am I, Cathy?” Attorney: And why did that upset you? Witness: My name is Susan. ____________________________... Full Article »

5 Tips From a Judge for Better Courtroom Results

Aug 17, 2020 in Legal & Tips
By Calibre Press

In an interview with trainer Pat McCarthy, a seasoned judge whose heard thousands of officers testify, shared some tips from the bench that can help you in court. Here's his sage advice: 1. Remember, you’re not an extra prosecutor The judge points out that seasoned officers with years of courtroom experience can be particularly susceptible to trying to “help” cases by angling their answers in a manner they believe will aid the prosecu... Full Article »

Taking the Bite Out of K-9 Related Lawsuits

Jul 29, 2020 in K-9 & Legal
By Calibre Press

Police K-9s can be one of the most effective tools made available to law enforcement. Often, they’re used in response to dangerous situations that, without their assistance, may have required additional force to resolve. When a K-9 is used, however, it’s nearly inevitable that after the dog bites a suspect, a lawsuit focused on the resulting injury will follow. In her book Police Dog Tactics, leading police dog trainer Sandy Bryson shared ... Full Article »

Should it Be Illegal to Harass a Law Enforcement Officer’s Family?

Jul 13, 2020 in Calibre Press Commentary & Legal & Officer Safety & Survival
By Jim Glennon

Politicians purposely step into the limelight. It’s a conscious decision.  In most cases, it’s also a calculated decision. They do it for a variety of reasons: power, authority, a desire to enact change, fame, money. Some do it for reasons known only to them. Some are noble; some, well…not so much. Once engaged in the political arena, they expose their entire lives to public scrutiny. Nothing is private anymore. Not their finance... Full Article »

Screaming Their Last Breath: Why First Responders Must Never Ignore the Words “I Can’t Breathe”

Jun 02, 2020 in Education & Legal & Patrol & Tips
By Steve Cole, NRP, FTO

Editor's note: Calibre Press first published this article in 2015. In light of current events, we felt it was important to share this information, which is consistent with our training, again. Every officer has heard “I can’t breathe!” yelled at the top of a subject’s lungs, usually as they are being handcuffed and detained after a vigorous struggle. I certainly know that I, as a paramedic responding to those calls to “check the subj... Full Article »

Calibre Press Special Report: Suggested Officer Involved Shooting Protocol During the Pandemic

Apr 14, 2020 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Legal & Patrol
By Scott Wood, Attorney at Law

Officer-involved shootings can occur at any time, day or night.  It is unknown if the shelter at home order currently in place in many cities will curtail or escalate officer-involved shootings.  Current thinking is that confinement may lead to an increase in domestic-related calls, which is one of the more unpredictable situations an officer must face. Typically, after an officer-involved shooting, there will be a congregation of a do... Full Article »

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