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10 Ways You Can Help Your K9 Unit

Jun 02, 2021 in K-9 & Patrol & Tips
By Art Carlos

The call’s hot. The perimeter is tight. The channel is secured. The K9 unit is logged on and is rolling to your location to assist in locating a suspect. Here are 10 things you can do to increase your success when the K9 team shows up: Confirm the criminal elements early and identify the factors that fall within your or the assisting agency’s K9’s use-of-force policy. Do you have a qualifying felony crime vs. violent misdemeanor crime? H... Full Article »

VIDEO: Lighting-Fast Knife Attack on Officer. Walking Away, Then Full Charge…in 1 Second!

Mar 31, 2021 in Calibre Analysis & Defensive Tactics & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Tips & Training & Video
By Scott Buhrmaster

Want to see how incredibly fast someone can go from being completely turned away from you, walking away, to pivoting and charging right at you? Watch this video! One afternoon about a month ago, two Albuquerque officers spotted a man walking down the middle lane of a three-lane street openly carrying a knife. In the footage posted below, you’ll see that his back is squarely turned away from the first officer tailing him as he walks at a mode... Full Article »

Decision Making in Seconds: Every Force Event is Unique

Mar 23, 2021 in Calibre Analysis & Defensive Tactics & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Tips & Training & Video
By Calibre Press

Calibre Press has uploaded two short videos of officers discharging their firearms in the direction of human beings. The circumstances were very different in so many ways, but each involved making the decision to use deadly force and then actually doing so. This is the most serious of all the decisions officers have to make during their careers. The videos shown below, as with most of the videos we post for your convenience on our YouTube Chan... Full Article »

If He Doesn’t Point the Gun at You, You Can’t Fire…Right?

Mar 04, 2021 in Calibre Analysis & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Tips
By Scott Buhrmaster

Picture this. You find yourself face-to-face with a guy who’s holding a gun against his thigh. He’s not pointing it at you. He’s also not going to give it up. How do you know? Because he’s told you so. Twice. He’s sexually assaulted a woman, stolen her car, fled from police and he’s right in front of you, just a few feet away with no barriers between the two of you. What are you going to do? What can you do? Shoot him? ... Full Article »

When it Comes to Running Drugs, Looks Can Be Deceiving

Feb 02, 2021 in Patrol & Tips & Training
By Calibre Press

A California officer learned first-hand that what that title says is true. While patrolling a major highway, he noticed a newer model white Ford Thunderbird weaving on to the shoulder. When he stopped the car and made a passenger-side approach, he saw an elderly man who looked to be in poor health in the passenger seat and an elderly woman at the wheel. “This was a real ma-and-pa type couple,” the officer observed. “They looked like y... Full Article »

Tactical Refresher: The “Contact/Cover Street Interview”

Jan 25, 2021 in Defensive Tactics & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Tips & Training
By Calibre Press

In Calibre Press’s Street Survival II: Tactics for Armed Encounters—the enhanced and expanded follow-up to the original Street Survival book—authors Charles Remsberg, Lt. Jim Glennon (ret.) and Lt. Dan Marcou (ret.) cover an extraordinary universe of topics; from officer safety & survival concepts to cuffing techniques to building entry to firearms to resiliency and mental preparation. You name it, it’s in there! In addition to sha... Full Article »

Localism in Law Enforcement: Creating Conversation in Your Communities

Jan 21, 2021 in Instructor Insights & Leadership & Patrol & Tips
By Chief Chris Hsiung & PIO Katie Nelson, Mountain View (CA) PD

In the wake of the death of George Floyd, local law enforcement leaders began re-examining ways in which to connect with their communities to hyper focus on how issues in the national narrative were impacting their cities locally.  Each community has its own set of individual needs, nuances, and personalities, which police chiefs know very well. These idiosyncrasies are what make each community so unique, and it is why so many choose to l... Full Article »

More Tips To Improve Your Effectiveness as a Witness

Jan 18, 2021 in Legal & Tips & Training
By Calibre Press

In the first installment of this special series, we shared four tips from a former state and federal prosecutor for improving your effectiveness in court when called as a witness: 1. Speak clearly and plainly. 2. Describe rather than conclude. 3. When being questioned, look at the examiner. When answering, look at the jury. 4. Don’t hesitate to have a question rephrased or clarified. Here are five more to conclude the series: ... Full Article »

Tips From a Prosecutor on Being an Effective Witness

Jan 06, 2021 in Legal & Tips
By Calibre Press

In this first installment of a two-part series, we’ll share tips from a former state and federal prosecutor for improving your effectiveness in court when called as a witness. Here are the first four of her nine tips: 1. Speak clearly and plainly. For some reason, many officers have a tendency to begin talking like they never do in real life when they take the stand. Phraseology suddenly becomes rigid, overly formal, legalistic and often ... Full Article »

13 Tips for Happier Law Enforcement Families

Jan 04, 2021 in Tips & Wellness, Fitness and Health
By Calibre Press

During a conference on “Understanding and Supporting the Law Enforcement Family,” Dr. James Reese, a sought-after speaker and expert on stress and trauma, shared 13 tips for getting better in tune with your family and preventing them from becoming victims of your law enforcement career. Calibre Press was present at the conference some years ago and we felt now would be an excellent time to re-share the tips that were offered: 1. Your famil... Full Article »

5 Universal Survival Lessons Learned from Assaults on Conservation Officers

Dec 14, 2020 in Defensive Tactics & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Tips & Training
By Calibre Press

An interesting survey of conservation officers in the U.S. and Canada surfaced some important survival truths that are relevant for all officers. The project dove into the details of 379 violent encounters between offenders and conservation personnel during a three-year study sample period. Although focused specifically on conservation officers and conducted some years ago, the study yielded some survival lessons you should remember: 1. Stay a... Full Article »

Eat Right, Stay Alert

Dec 09, 2020 in Tips & Wellness, Fitness and Health
By Calibre Press

Ever find it difficult to rally the energy to get out of bed? Feeling sluggish during your shift and tired when you get home? Are you forgetful and finding it hard to concentrate? Maybe you’re not eating right. Here are some tips for using food and healthy eating habits to increase your level of energy and help you stay more alert so you’re better prepared to meet the physical and mental challenges that you face on the street. Start the... Full Article »

VIDEO: Suspect Ignores Cops, Pulls a Gun, Points at Them, Then Himself…Now What?

Dec 07, 2020 in Calibre Analysis & Instructor Insights & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Tips & Training & Video
By Jim Glennon

While on patrol two Phoenix, AZ police officers came across an altercation between a man and a woman in the street. They stopped to investigate in order to find out what was happening. Here's video of the encounter: Initially, the man involved walked away from the officers as they approached. Now what? Well, I guess it would depend on what they saw and what they believed to be happeni... Full Article »

Part 2: Staying Safe & Effective Off-Duty

Nov 25, 2020 in Officer Safety & Survival & Tips
By Calibre Press

Following up on the first installment of a series about staying safe and effective if you find yourself forced to engage in an off-duty armed encounter, here are some additional tips and considerations: Making the decision to get involved. There are three things you should consider before deciding to get involved in an off-duty encounter: Emergency/Urgency: Is it an emergency? Is it urgent that I get involved? Is someone about to be seri... Full Article »

Staying Safe & Effective Off-Duty

Nov 23, 2020 in Officer Safety & Survival & Tips
By Calibre Press

The gear you carry, how you carry it, how you think and the actions you take off-duty can seriously impact your safety, your tactical effectiveness and your legal protection if you’re forced to engage in an armed encounter. In this first installment of a two-part series, we share some things to consider, highlighted during a gathering of trainers from across the country. 1. Maintain your survival mindset. Before you go on duty you perform... Full Article »

VIDEOS: Mental Illness, Armed with a Knife, Threatening Violence, Now What?

Nov 18, 2020 in Calibre Analysis & Instructor Insights & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Tips & Training & Video
By Jim Glennon

In Philadelphia, PA on October 26, 2020, police received a call from a woman who advised she was the daughter to a mother and father who were both being abused by their son. She stated on the 911 recorded line that “they called the cops earlier and the cops is not doin’ nothing he’s over there hitting my mother and father. He got a case for being violent and everything, he got a whole record.” The police arrived and immediately encount... Full Article »

Don’t Let Notes Trip You Up

Nov 16, 2020 in Interview and Interrogation & Investigations & Tips
By Calibre Press

Convincing an informant to talk to you—and to keep talking—can be much harder than you think. Sometimes, even the smallest moves can have a negative impact on your mission to gain intel. Highly seasoned interview and interrogation expert Pat McCarthy, founder of the Street Crimes training program, knows that all too well. His years of experience have helped him develop an acute level of awareness of the intricate nuances of communicating w... Full Article »

Safely Searching Suspects: A Reader’s Insights

Nov 11, 2020 in Officer Feedback & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Tips & Training
By Calibre Press

After reading the article Tactical Review: Prisoner Retention Techniques we posted earlier this week, Calibre Press newsletter readers Lt. Pete Ebel with Palm Beach Co. (FL) Sheriff’s Office shared the following insights related to searching prisoners. Lt. Ebel writes: “Great article from my friend and mentor, Lt. Paul Patti. The info contained in his writing certainly stands the test of time. No one can afford to ignore these good habi... Full Article »

Tactical Review: Prisoner Retention Techniques

Nov 08, 2020 in Defensive Tactics & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Tips & Training
By Lt. Paul Patti (ret.)

The everyday experience of cuffing and transporting prisoners can make that often-repeated exercise susceptible to tactical complacency, which can increase the risk of prisoner escape. A “lost” prisoner obviously comes with serious officer and community safety issues and possibly severe legal ramifications. A handcuffed prisoner on the way to a police station, holding facility or jail may desperately grasp at any small crack in the officer... Full Article »

What’s the Most Dangerous Weapon? The One You Don’t See.

Nov 04, 2020 in Defensive Tactics & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Tips & Training
By Calibre Press

If you confront a threatening suspect who has a large knife Rambo knife in his hand, you’ll see it, right? How about your partner? Don’t be too quick to answer yes. Consider the following actual training experience: The scenario took place in a warehouse where officers were called to investigate a reported nighttime break-in. Upon arrival, they first had to deal with the scared and armed warehouse manager, role-played by a local judg... Full Article »

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