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Where Do You Carry Your O.C.? Cops Weigh In…

Aug 11, 2021 in Defensive Tactics & Guest Commentary & Instructor Insights & Officer Feedback & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Tips & Training & Weapons & Tactical Gear
By Calibre Press

In last week’s newsletter we shared a question from an officer looking for insights into the pros and cons of carrying O.C. on either the strong side or the reaction side. After posting a response from a former Calibre Press instructor, we tossed the question out to our readers. Response was heavy. Here’s a sample of some of what we heard. Thanks for all the excellent feedback! Chief Phil Bostian with the Park City (KS) PD wrote: I h... Full Article »

O.C. on the Strong or Weak Side: What Do YOU Think?

Aug 04, 2021 in Defensive Tactics & Instructor Insights & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Tips & Weapons & Tactical Gear
By Calibre Press

Calibre Press received the following question we thought we would share for discussion: An officer wrote: “There is a mixed opinion on my department on which hand O.C. should be used with. Many say it should be worn on the strong hand side and used by the strong hand to keep fine motor skills. In contract, other officers say it should be worn on the weak side and used with the weak hand because of the long-standing rule, ‘never put anyt... Full Article »

Grossi Product Review: Concealed Carry Optics Ready Holsters for Red Dot Sight Guns

Jul 13, 2021 in Weapons & Tactical Gear
By Dave Grossi

Red dot sights on pistols have been around for years, mostly in the competition world.  However, in the last five years or so pistol mounted Red Dot Sighting (RDS) systems for street duty have come into their own.  In fact, a quick peek into the duty holsters of a few street cops might find a Trijicon RMR, a Leopold DeltaPoint Pro, or a Holosun 507 inside. In fact, the last few years have seen Red Dot Optics get smaller, slimmer, bright... Full Article »

New Sticky Holsters: A Product Review by Dave Grossi

Oct 19, 2020 in Guest Commentary & Weapons & Tactical Gear
By Dave Grossi

Most readers know I’m a big fan of Sticky Holsters, Inc.’s family of firearms-related products.  Owner Mike Christoff cut his cop bones for 15 years with the Dearborn, Michigan PD before finding the warmth of Southwest Florida where he spent another dozen years with the Marco Island, Florida PD.  I’ve written about his line of items for several years, mostly focused around the original Sticky Holsters.  For those unfamiliar w... Full Article »

CKT Ripcord Speedloaders – A product review by Dave Grossi

Sep 04, 2020 in Guest Commentary & Weapons & Tactical Gear
By Dave Grossi

I’m one of the old guys.  And being an old guy, I carried a wheel gun for 19 of my 20+ years on the job.  Ergo, I’m very familiar with speedloaders.  In fact, I’ve won a few guns in revolver competitions in NY and Canada using speedloaders.  So, when Mike Christoff at Sticky Holsters, Inc. turned me on to these new speedloaders from CK Tactical, I knew I had to get my hands on them.      Time and s... Full Article »

Metal Defense: A Product Review by Dave Grossi

Aug 13, 2020 in Guest Commentary & Weapons & Tactical Gear
By Dave Grossi

As a police trainer, I get a lot of requests for law enforcement product evaluations.  Most, probably about 85%-90%, find their way into my circular file under my desk with the items sent back.  The remaining 10%-15% are really good quality items with relevance to and for today’s street cops.  So along those lines, here’s one I found really interesting. I own quite a few guns.  I do a lot of firearms training and most o... Full Article »

Travel Armor Gun Cases: A Product Review

Jul 20, 2020 in Guest Commentary & Weapons & Tactical Gear
By Dave Grossi

The problem There’s no doubt this Covid-19 deal has thrown a curve to most everybody, law enforcement included.  It recently reared its ugly head to yours truly, but in a weird kind of way.  The local sheriff’s office down here in Paradise, Florida has been more than gracious to us out-of-town retirees when it comes to our annual HR-218 requals. After my initial HR-218 shoot up in the great northeast, I’ve been able to shoot ea... Full Article »

BODYCAM: Domestic Suspect Pulls Gun on Deputies

May 02, 2016 in Law Enforcement Today & Officer Safety & Survival & Video & Weapons & Tactical Gear
By Calibre Press

Oconee County (Ga.) officials have released dramatic new video that shows what led up to an intense encounter which ended in gunfire. The suspect in the video survived the shooting and is recovering. But the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office released the video late Friday to show that they were justified in using intense force. It's clear evidence of how fast a situation can escalated and become extremely dangerous. The first minute of ... Full Article »

The Best of IACP Products

Oct 29, 2015 in Education & Weapons & Tactical Gear
By Crawford Coates

Trends in law enforcement technology have been pretty clear in recent years (data, video and combinations thereof). But there's much more to it than that. IACP's vendor hall is always a great place to see where we might be headed. Beyond broad trends, there were several specific products and vendors that popped out of the aisles. The following are definitely worth checking out, whether or not you're in the market currently. Here's where we're ... Full Article »

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