2023 – Officer Ryan Tillman


Ryan Tillman is a current Police Officer for the Chino Police Department as well as the CEO and founder of Breaking Barriers United LLC (BBU). Prior to Ryan’s career as a Police Officer, he was not a fan of Law Enforcement due to negative interactions with them as he was growing up. Called to the profession by God, Ryan began his professional career in 2013 by joining the Chino Police Department. Upon completing the Field Training Program, Ryan recognized the need for more transparency and dialogue between Law Enforcement and the community and therefore, created BBU. Since its inception, Ryan has changed the perception of many citizens, as well as Police Officers, throughout the world.

Ryan, recently promoted to Corporal; however, he cherishes the time he spent as a School Resource Officer at Don Lugo High School. In regards to his business, Ryan speaks on a national level for both Law Enforcement and non-LE organizations. He has created afterschool programs that train and teach students about the profession of Law Enforcement and Career

Development and he also has a podcast called “ITSNEEDED” which is currently downloaded in over 47 countries. He hosts the “ITSNEEDED” conference, which brings law enforcement and city officials together for common goals. Currently Ryan is developing a program called “The United” which aims at recruiting and training the best future police officers. Ryan won’t cease his efforts until his goal of “Changing the face of modern-day policing” is completed. Ryan lives in Southern California with his beautiful wife and 3 children.

Ryan currently instructs Recruting & Retaining the Next Generation of Law Enforcement.