2023 – Lt. Jim Glennon


Jim Glennon is a nationally recognized instructor, speaker, author and training consultant who is widely known for his expertise in law enforcement leadership, officer safety, and tactical communication. For 30 years he served with the Lombard (IL) Police Department where he retired at the rank of Lieutenant. During his tenure, Jim was appointed the first Commander of Investigations for the newly formed DuPage County Major Crimes (Homicide) Task Force, where he was responsible for leading an elite unit of more than 30 detectives from 16 Chicago-area law enforcement agencies. Designed to employ speed, efficiency and an exceptional level of expertise to confront major crimes, the task force remains among the nation’s preeminent investigatory groups.

In addition to earning a B.A. in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Police Management, Jim is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Staff and Command College where he was elected class president. Upon graduation, he was awarded the highly prestigious Franklin M. Kreml Award, established in honor of the founder of Northwestern’s Center for Public Safety and given to the student who “best displays the dedication, devotion, ethics, sense of justice and other attributes that exemplify the kind of leadership that is needed in today’s law enforcement community.”

Jim is a prolific writer whose work has appeared in books, including Arresting Communication which he authored and Street Survival II which he co-authored, as well as leading law enforcement trade publications, newsletters, Websites and in other online forums. Jim was awarded the coveted “Maggie Award for Best Online Columnist” earned in recognition of his widely popular column, Surviving the Streets, which was published on PoliceOne.com and regularly viewed by hundreds of thousands of law enforcement professionals worldwide.

In 2012 Jim’s company, Lifeline Training, acquired Calibre Press, Inc., one of the most widely recognized and respected law enforcement training organizations in history. Known initially for its revolutionary Street Survival Seminar training programs and best-selling books and videos, Calibre has trained innumerable officers from virtually every type of law enforcement agency over its 30-year history. Now at the helm as the organization’s President and co-owner, Jim and his world class team continue to do so through the more than 200 seminars they conduct every year in over 15 topics across the country, both as open registrations classes and as special contract programs. In addition to a continued focus on officer safety and survival, Calibre training has advanced into a wide variety of new and timely areas of focus including leadership, communication, mass casualty incident management, active shooter events, technology, mental conditioning, procedural justice, probation/parole, corrections and three courses created by, and presented for, women in law enforcement.