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September 12, 2023
Why Police Leadership Avoids Addressing Mental Health.
Tues., Sept. 26
10AM – Noon Central

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Of all the stressors officers experience in their careers, internal issues—things that happen (or don’t happen) inside agencies— lead the list when it comes to shortened life spans and early exits from the profession.

In this FREE Vector Solutions-sponsored Webinar, Calibre Press’s Jim Glennon and law enforcement mental health expert Nick Greco will combine their decades of experience to examine the most pressing problems law enforcement leaders and their officers face when it comes to mental and physical health of those in the profession.

In the webinar your hosts will present immediately implementable solutions that will mentally restrengthen officers, improve overall agency morale and enhance officer retention.

Among other things, Jim and Nick will discuss:

  • Crumbling comradery: Why perhaps the most powerful key to officer mental health is disintegrating & how LE leaders can reverse the trend.
  • Management & mixed messages: Why LE leaders’ pleas for officers to “take care of themselves” mentally often conflicts with agency protocols.
  • Life in battle zone conditions: Why officers’ daily lives and soldiers’ experiences in hostile environments compare…and lessons learned that can spare cops the psychological aftermath.
  • Losing the retention battle: Things LE leaders do, knowingly and unknowingly, that can drive good officers out of their agencies.
  • Culture or money? What’s the real key to attracting and retaining officers…and why?
  • Visionary leadership: Creative, highly effective, and easy to integrate programs that will immediately improve departmental atmosphere.
  • Responding to mental red flags: Things to do—and real-world examples of what to avoid at all costs—when an officer admits experiencing mental distress.



Instructed by:

Jim Glennon is the co-owner and Director for Curriculum for Calibre Press. He is a nationally recognized instructor, speaker, author and training consultant who is widely known for his expertise in law enforcement leadership, officer safety, and tactical communication. Jim holds a B.A. in Psychology and a Master’s in Police Management and is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Staff and Command College.


Nick Greco received his undergraduate training in psychology from Benedictine Univ., his certificate of clinical training in PTSD from the Nat’l Center for PTSD Clinical Laboratory and Education Division, and his Master’s Degree in Psychology from DePaul University. He is a CIT Coordinator for the Lake Co. SO, and a CIT instructor for both the IL Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board and the Chicago PD. He has presented globally and written extensively on a wide variety of mental health topics.




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  1. Steven E. Hayden Detective Retired NYPD/ESU

    How do retired members of the Police Services register for this webinar? I would like to attend, please advise how to proceed. Thank you.


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