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10 Ways You Can Help Your K9 Unit

Jun 02, 2021 in K-9 & Patrol & Tips
By Art Carlos

The call’s hot. The perimeter is tight. The channel is secured. The K9 unit is logged on and is rolling to your location to assist in locating a suspect. Here are 10 things you can do to increase your success when the K9 team shows up: Confirm the criminal elements early and identify the factors that fall within your or the assisting agency’s K9’s use-of-force policy. Do you have a qualifying felony crime vs. violent misdemeanor crime? H... Full Article »

Taking the Bite Out of K-9 Related Lawsuits

Jul 29, 2020 in K-9 & Legal
By Calibre Press

Police K-9s can be one of the most effective tools made available to law enforcement. Often, they’re used in response to dangerous situations that, without their assistance, may have required additional force to resolve. When a K-9 is used, however, it’s nearly inevitable that after the dog bites a suspect, a lawsuit focused on the resulting injury will follow. In her book Police Dog Tactics, leading police dog trainer Sandy Bryson shared ... Full Article »

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