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DAILY! Conversations with Calibre Podcast

in Education & Law Enforcement Today & Officer Safety & Survival & Podcast & Tips & Training
By Calibre Press

Editor's Note:  Although the current health situation has impacted officers' ability to access training, for the time being, our dedication to keeping you trained and informed has not diminished. Starting today we will begin posting daily training Podcasts for all officers to listen to. Stay safe, stay healthy and know that we're here for you. Conversations with Calibre: Road Safety March 20th, 202o https://youtu.b... Full Article »

Where Do You Get Off?

in Driving & Roadway & Podcast & Training
By David Kinaan

It’s a task performed by all motorcycle officers, and some officers have done it so many times that they may not really think about how they do it. Let’s take just a moment and talk about a few issues to consider when you mount and dismount your motorcycle. Considering It … Motorcycle officers routinely begin their day by mounting their assigned motorcycle. Whether you’re doing this in your garage or behind your station, do you take th... Full Article »

PODCAST: Tony Blauer & Rick Randolph

in Defensive Tactics & Law Enforcement Today & Podcast & Video
By Calibre Press

Rick Randolph and Tony Blauer of Blauer Tactical and Calibre Press sit down to discuss the latest viral video out of Florida, defensive tactics, communications, and arriving at the right response. Enjoy! [If you have topics you'd like to see discussed in upcoming podcasts, questions, or just comments, please email Crawford [at]]... Full Article »

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