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To the Armchair Quarterbacks …

Jul 02, 2015
By Tony Blauer IMG_8258

In sport fights, most of the audience are arm-chair quarterbacks who criticize fighters for not fighting the way they think a fight should go down. It's funny being at a fight and listening ... Full Article »

Present Moment Awareness

Jul 02, 2015
By Jeff Shannon 11164691_874294209282772_7513227628125889240_o

We make investments in our health and happiness all the time. Every one of these investments comes at a cost and offers a reward. We believe we’ll be happier if we buy a newer home or spen... Full Article »

Video: Bodycam of Fatal OIS

Jul 01, 2015
By Calibre Press Capture

Bodycam video was released by the Palestine (Texas) Police Department of a fatal officer-involved shooting. James Bushey was being questioned in relation to an incident in which a WalMar... Full Article »

Final Tour: June 2015

Jul 01, 2015
By Dale Stockton NLEOMflag

So far in 2015, 63 officers have died in the line-of-duty. Of those, 28 were lost in vehicle-related incidents, 16 to gunfire and 19 to other causes, the majority of which were duty-related ... Full Article »

The Leadership Portfolio

Jun 30, 2015
By Marc Joseph 11022554_862026280509565_8400134436510718496_o

Some of us have investment portfolios, but we all have a leadership portfolio. What we have in it varies. The value: Our ability to make decisions, communicate, coach, strategically plan, b... Full Article »

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