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July: Hacktivists vs. Law Enforcement

Jul 30, 2015
By Elijah Woodward Article Main Pic

As the information warfare continues with hacktivists, Law Enforcement is finding itself targeted more and more. As has become quite common over the last year since the Darren Wilson shoo... Full Article »

VIDEO: Officer Indicted for Murder

Jul 29, 2015
By Calibre Press Image from Bodycam Video

University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing was indicted Wednesday on a murder charge for shooting motorist Samuel Dubose during a traffic stop this month. Officer Ray Tensing fa... Full Article »

Negligent Shootings

Jul 28, 2015
By Mark Schraer 247305_446870755358455_1688221010_n (2)

In only the past four years, seven more law enforcement officers have been killed in non-duty related shootings. The two most recent deaths occurred in the first four months of 2015. Apr... Full Article »

Lawyers I’ve Known

Jul 27, 2015
By Dave Grossi

Someone once said that the courtroom is a stage and all the players have a part. And if attorneys are the actors, then the jury must be the audience, and the judge the director. With that s... Full Article »

VIDEO: Detective Threatens Motorist

Jul 27, 2015
By Calibre Press Detective Threatens Motorist

A Medford Police Officer is on administrative leave after he was recorded threatening a driver during a traffic stop.  The civilian threatened by the officer uploaded his dash cam video of... Full Article »

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