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Chicago PD Hacked? Probably Not …

Jul 07, 2015
By Elijah Woodward Salary Database

Recently Chicago Police Department was involved in the shooting of a subject, Alfontish Cockerham. Witnesses claimed he dropped his gun, held his hands up, and police opened fire. As a re... Full Article »


Jul 07, 2015
By Scott Hughes stress

Former-Cpl. Mark Magness of Federal Heights, Colo., police department is captured on bodycam viciously assaulting a prisoner. Would a better understanding of stress have prevented this? “... Full Article »

VIDEO: Raw Bodycam from Excessive Force Case

Jul 07, 2015
By Calibre Press officer Magness_1435695480426_20572811_ver1.0_320_240

The Federal Heights (Colo.) police officer seen brutalizing a handcuffed man was fired, according to the police chief. [Editor's Note: For Scott Hughes take on this, click here.] Bodycam... Full Article »

VIDEO: Fatal OIS in Colorodo

Jul 06, 2015
By Calibre Press fatal ois colorado

Officer Ron Arlint from the Trinidad (Colo.) Police Department was sent to investigate a report of trespassers occupying a vacant trailer. Arlint confronted the trespasser and ordered him t... Full Article »

To the Armchair Quarterbacks …

Jul 02, 2015
By Tony Blauer IMG_8258

In sport fights, most of the audience are arm-chair quarterbacks who criticize fighters for not fighting the way they think a fight should go down. It's funny being at a fight and listening ... Full Article »

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