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Timeline of Umpqua Community College Shooting

Oct 04, 2015
By Calibre Press umpqua-community-college1-e1443731600266

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office has released a timeline of the shooting at Umqua Community College on October 1st.Truncated version of 30 minute scanner audio.  The full recording c... Full Article »

Active Shooter at Oregon Community College

Oct 01, 2015
By Crawford Coates Photo Michael Sullivan, via Twitter.

Authorities say that 10 are dead and tens injured when an active killer opened fire at Umpqua Community College in southern Oregon today. The killer has been "neutralized" by police, accordi... Full Article »

Final Tour: September, 2015

Oct 01, 2015
By Dale Stockton Photo Dale Stockton

Now, nine months into 2015, we have suffered 98 line-of-duty deaths. Of those, 39 have been lost in vehicle-related incidents, 29 to gunfire, and 30 to other causes, the majority of which ha... Full Article »

VIDEO: Two Officer Involved Shootings in Seattle

Oct 01, 2015
By Calibre Press Capture

The Seattle Police Department released video from two separate officer involved shootings.  Both shootings occurred on September 29th in the early morning.Officers were dispatched to th... Full Article »

Law Enforcement Loses an Ambassador

Sep 30, 2015
By Barbara A. Schwartz adam122433

[Editor's Note: This has been reprinted with author’s permission from American Police Beat.] He inspired a generation of men and women to pursue a career in law enforcement. He stood as a... Full Article »

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